Friday, December 18, 2009

Heavenly matched..

I was literally rioting to wag my tail this year.., after all this is the year of the dog. But I cant be wagging my tail now, not when my country leaders continue to be living and groping in the dark …

You tell me what comes first, rising fuel prices or Pak Lah Administration…? Yup! they are becoming synonymous now, aren't they?

I understand~...we have no control over the world oil prices but please stop using that as an excuse. Just don't!.

Analogy(cally)*, we have no control over the weather, but must we sleep soaking wet in the rain or lounge (soaking wet) under the burning heat of the sun? Or must we just watch them children do drugs when we have no control over the production of illegal drugs? Heaven no! There are simply a lot of other things we don't have any control of, but we dont just let them be. There is this thing we call 'think' (ring any bell..?) ... In all reality, between the rising oil prices and the public, there are several 'transit points' which can be used to soak up these increases but then our leaders just let them flow thru' …sigh*

Seriously guys, I'm beginning to feel the people in the office are losing sight of what is really important for the people of this country. I took a glimpse/glance at Najib on telly the other nite (while having my 'teh tarik halia'), everything was nicely and politically said but there were no substance, and it looks to me like they don't even have any clear hints as to where they are going with this…scary, very very scary.

And why can't they just stop issuing nonsensical press statements comparing oil prices in this country with that of others (it's irrelevant)…or why can't they stop saying the savings made will be used for the people…it makes me so (toot!) sick. What I want to know is, how many % of this country's population have now been pushed down below the poverty line with this decision. Yeah, that!… and what was that thing with 2020 again..?? Nvm, just forget it, you can't be there if the number of people under the poverty line keep increasing. OMG! we are actually going the other way now.

Don't they already know that a lot of people are spending their money only on necessities these days, so please translate prudent spending to them… less meal a day? Walk to office..? Stop giving pocket money to their schooling children now for certain number of days a week? And probably skip a few showers as well to save on water bills. What about those food stall owners who are depending on our spending to make their living? And don't forget the college students, as it is, most of them are already on a shoe-string budget. Those pensioners…? These are real people we are talking about, spending only on basic necessities, and guess what Pak Lah had to say..`those riding motorcycles and driving small cars don't consume a lot of fuel'. That is one stupid insulting remark. Can someone tell him about the new fuel surcharge by the bus and lorry operators, about the increasing prices of cooking oil, cooking gas and food items, about the new prices of farmers produce, about the increases in bus fares by school bus operators?? Endless list….but our Prime Minister is talking about small cars consuming little fuel. Hey Pak Lah, this is not about a few ringgit more for my petrol lah. Aaarrgghhh!!!!

Very soon we don't have to go to Africa anymore, we are almost Africa..( at least the model of thought of our leaders are.)

* analogy(cally) - there is no such word (I think) but I'm making it applicable here.

I shouldn't be complaining...

Maybe I shouldn't be complaining…after all there are only about, what? - less than 0.00001% Malaysian (holding the office) that are causing stress to the other 99.9999%?. I was only voicing some of their voices. Couldn't help it because I hear voices - chilling and disturbing voices of the living.

Did you know that some people had actually stop sending their kids to afternoon classes, cut off their phone lines and seriously contemplating to sell off their cars for a smaller ones. It's true, and this is only days after.

Anyway, this weekend, I plan not to get bashed here in Mlk when the HitFM b/day bash hits town. I will be going to HRC again. The band is good. But this time, I will cut down on my swaying by 50% - I will be swaying prudently and that's a promise.