Friday, December 18, 2009

I shouldn't be complaining...

Maybe I shouldn't be complaining…after all there are only about, what? - less than 0.00001% Malaysian (holding the office) that are causing stress to the other 99.9999%?. I was only voicing some of their voices. Couldn't help it because I hear voices - chilling and disturbing voices of the living.

Did you know that some people had actually stop sending their kids to afternoon classes, cut off their phone lines and seriously contemplating to sell off their cars for a smaller ones. It's true, and this is only days after.

Anyway, this weekend, I plan not to get bashed here in Mlk when the HitFM b/day bash hits town. I will be going to HRC again. The band is good. But this time, I will cut down on my swaying by 50% - I will be swaying prudently and that's a promise.

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