Friday, December 18, 2009

you have to better than good...

I thought I don't have anything more to say on fuel price hike, but I must. First, they say it was for the development of an efficient public transport system, but now~ it is to rationalize the prices of petroleum (local vs international), to conserve the resource, to prevent wastage and to stop the commodity from being smuggled out. OK, point taken. Few birds one stone.

Now look at this statement,: `The government sees the subsidies as something that do not generate further income for the nation' Ouch!! That hurts! Doesn't that sounds like a distorted biz statement!? Is that where they put us in? Is that how they view spending money on people, citizen of this country, as 'something that do not generate income for the nation'..? Hey! (1-2-3-4-5 counting to 10,) I always thought the greatest asset in any organization is the people because they are the one who actually fuel the productivity. And a happy & motivated employee will always have a direct and productive impact on productivity. I'm sure you can fill in the rest for me on the relationship between productivity and revenue. Not generating further income you said.?? Like I said, the less they make insulting and nonsensical statement, the better. Don't sell what has already been sold, I can't see the point. If you want to look at this from a business perspective, we might as well have someone with a proven track record running this country. But that is not how a nation should be runwe are not a business entity. Not per se. So, it must never be all business. As long as you are the government, you must never overlook your social obligations towards the people of this country, it is For The People. And that is priority # ONE, never never lose sight of that. All those talk about how the cutting of the subsidies allows for the narrowing of divergence between local and international oil prices, how it allows for the stronger government budgetary positions and how it allows for the efficient use of fuel I have only one productive advice: save-your-breath!. I don't see much social considerations in those reasoning, more than that I don't see me in that picture. I just couldn't connect, sorry.

But I have got to hand it to you, it must have been really hard to come up with such excuses, oopps! reasons, that nobody gives a damn about, I mean you actually managed to put this out of their critical and mental reach. Maybe now I need an aspirin, anyone..?

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