Friday, December 18, 2009

Scenic bridge...why start?

It was long overdue, but it was good, nonetheless.

I dont have much to say on this one except that normally, when we are out onto something, or anything at all (esp. when it involves a nation), we start with an end in mind. I wonder what was the govt. end when they started working on the scenic bridge. I didnt get it then and I still dont get it now.

I read in the papers today, on the reasons why? - all those issues are Jurassic in nature, something we already knew and anticipated even before kick off. So why start in the first place..? Why go thru all the hoohahs, why waste time and money. If you are talking about the sentiment of the people, the people already made it loud and clear on day 1, why listen now? But most of all, why do all for nothing..?? Are decisions made based on the order of the day..? Well FYI, I'm not getting any hard-on from this kind of decision, that just doesn't do it for me. This is Malaysia we are talking about and last checked, it is still my country. I dont need this kind of joy ride.

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