Friday, December 18, 2009

The Bridge and the Princess

The story of Puteri Gunung Ledang is back, this time it's real and it is happening on our clock. Coincidently, another bridge is in the picture but of course the issue is slightly different now.

But do we really need a new bridge to replace the causeway - when the 2nd link is still underutilized? And if we do, why not expand on the existing causeway? We can turn it into a 20 or even a 30 lanes causeway. Why is Singapore being so adamant in not wanting to give in and Malaysia is ever so willing to go the extra miles and miles and miles for 10 long yrs, even when they see no solutions from the very beginning? There must be a reason other than those we see in the prints.

The truth is, the bridge was never the issue, it is all business. Just take a look at the scenic bridge proposed by the Malaysian government. Its beautiful. It would make a great landmark and a new tourist destinations for both countries. At least that was what we were trying to blow into their eyes. Now you look again.., the bridge is elevated. What does that means..? Passing ships and Tanjung Pelepas. Do you think Singapore would ever agree to this? Not in a zillion years! What were we thinking when we made that proposal? But being a good neighbor and all, they know it is not proper to turn us down outright hence the ridiculous demand on sand and the use of our airspace, just like the one made by Puteri Gunung Ledang. They knew Malaysia would never agree to this. But we, we went on and on and on, like what Sultan Malacca did. So when Hamid Albar said we allowed this thing to drag on for so long with the hope that Singapore would eventually agree, I go huh??. Well, what can you say, some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. And thats why I dont understand why we started on this venture in the first place, unless of course we have something up in our sleeves. I believe Mahathir had something, he walks in the rain, or else Goh wouldnt have agreed (with heaviest heart, Im sure) to let Malaysia build the bridge on our side of the causeway. But how the hell did he do that..?.

Now that both Mahathir and Goh are no longer the premier, we somehow lost that bargaining edge. The very reason why Mahathir is so furious and Pak Lah is so evasive (try to ignore remarks made by the other ministers they are just singing). So dont go blaming Dr.M, he was doing great individually. He always believes in what he was doing. The current group of people? Well, u know - they debate and they argue about many things only to decide in the end that things cannot be done. I mean, without creativity, what else can you do, given the situations?

I have to go now, but you remember this, there are 2 rules to success in life. No.1: Dont tell people everything you know.

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