Friday, December 18, 2009

The end of chivalry...?

Going by definitions, I am never a gentleman, not because I'm not polite, gracious or courteous but because I have a big problem with loyalty. At least that's what they say about me. They say I'm always fickle..? As in indecisive, unpredictable, fussy..? I dont know...

But what is loyalty anyway..? Where do you draw the lines..? Some say loyalty is all (all..??) about devotion, faithfulness and commitment but these are all big words, with no clear lines as to where it starts and ends. And we define these words within our very own scope, based on our experience, background and our model of thought. But trust me, and Einstein would have vouched for me, when I say all of us have different experience, background and paradigm.

So what is loyalty again..? Am I being disloyal if I go for a movie with a lady friend, err..ok..maybe not a movie, say for a window shopping, just the two of us..? Or for that matter, a dinner at mamak's? (btw..orang kat sebelah rumah tengah gaduh, pasal dia nampak husband dia borak ngan Cik Leha masa kat pasar tadi..) But really, is there a specific place where one is more ok than the other..? I know about the one-thing-leads-to-another but I also think that is a statement in disguise, to cover up our own fear and insecurity.

Truth is, it boils down to how we see relationship between opposite sex (and it is actually a reflection of how we see our own relationship with the opposite sex), a place where double standard is very much practiced, patience tested and intelligence insulted. Me? I won't be contesting if people say I have difficulty with loyalty. I have my own definition - where it starts and where it ends.

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