Friday, December 18, 2009

Heavenly matched..

I was literally rioting to wag my tail this year.., after all this is the year of the dog. But I cant be wagging my tail now, not when my country leaders continue to be living and groping in the dark …

You tell me what comes first, rising fuel prices or Pak Lah Administration…? Yup! they are becoming synonymous now, aren't they?

I understand~...we have no control over the world oil prices but please stop using that as an excuse. Just don't!.

Analogy(cally)*, we have no control over the weather, but must we sleep soaking wet in the rain or lounge (soaking wet) under the burning heat of the sun? Or must we just watch them children do drugs when we have no control over the production of illegal drugs? Heaven no! There are simply a lot of other things we don't have any control of, but we dont just let them be. There is this thing we call 'think' (ring any bell..?) ... In all reality, between the rising oil prices and the public, there are several 'transit points' which can be used to soak up these increases but then our leaders just let them flow thru' …sigh*

Seriously guys, I'm beginning to feel the people in the office are losing sight of what is really important for the people of this country. I took a glimpse/glance at Najib on telly the other nite (while having my 'teh tarik halia'), everything was nicely and politically said but there were no substance, and it looks to me like they don't even have any clear hints as to where they are going with this…scary, very very scary.

And why can't they just stop issuing nonsensical press statements comparing oil prices in this country with that of others (it's irrelevant)…or why can't they stop saying the savings made will be used for the people…it makes me so (toot!) sick. What I want to know is, how many % of this country's population have now been pushed down below the poverty line with this decision. Yeah, that!… and what was that thing with 2020 again..?? Nvm, just forget it, you can't be there if the number of people under the poverty line keep increasing. OMG! we are actually going the other way now.

Don't they already know that a lot of people are spending their money only on necessities these days, so please translate prudent spending to them… less meal a day? Walk to office..? Stop giving pocket money to their schooling children now for certain number of days a week? And probably skip a few showers as well to save on water bills. What about those food stall owners who are depending on our spending to make their living? And don't forget the college students, as it is, most of them are already on a shoe-string budget. Those pensioners…? These are real people we are talking about, spending only on basic necessities, and guess what Pak Lah had to say..`those riding motorcycles and driving small cars don't consume a lot of fuel'. That is one stupid insulting remark. Can someone tell him about the new fuel surcharge by the bus and lorry operators, about the increasing prices of cooking oil, cooking gas and food items, about the new prices of farmers produce, about the increases in bus fares by school bus operators?? Endless list….but our Prime Minister is talking about small cars consuming little fuel. Hey Pak Lah, this is not about a few ringgit more for my petrol lah. Aaarrgghhh!!!!

Very soon we don't have to go to Africa anymore, we are almost Africa..( at least the model of thought of our leaders are.)

* analogy(cally) - there is no such word (I think) but I'm making it applicable here.

I shouldn't be complaining...

Maybe I shouldn't be complaining…after all there are only about, what? - less than 0.00001% Malaysian (holding the office) that are causing stress to the other 99.9999%?. I was only voicing some of their voices. Couldn't help it because I hear voices - chilling and disturbing voices of the living.

Did you know that some people had actually stop sending their kids to afternoon classes, cut off their phone lines and seriously contemplating to sell off their cars for a smaller ones. It's true, and this is only days after.

Anyway, this weekend, I plan not to get bashed here in Mlk when the HitFM b/day bash hits town. I will be going to HRC again. The band is good. But this time, I will cut down on my swaying by 50% - I will be swaying prudently and that's a promise.

you have to better than good...

I thought I don't have anything more to say on fuel price hike, but I must. First, they say it was for the development of an efficient public transport system, but now~ it is to rationalize the prices of petroleum (local vs international), to conserve the resource, to prevent wastage and to stop the commodity from being smuggled out. OK, point taken. Few birds one stone.

Now look at this statement,: `The government sees the subsidies as something that do not generate further income for the nation' Ouch!! That hurts! Doesn't that sounds like a distorted biz statement!? Is that where they put us in? Is that how they view spending money on people, citizen of this country, as 'something that do not generate income for the nation'..? Hey! (1-2-3-4-5 counting to 10,) I always thought the greatest asset in any organization is the people because they are the one who actually fuel the productivity. And a happy & motivated employee will always have a direct and productive impact on productivity. I'm sure you can fill in the rest for me on the relationship between productivity and revenue. Not generating further income you said.?? Like I said, the less they make insulting and nonsensical statement, the better. Don't sell what has already been sold, I can't see the point. If you want to look at this from a business perspective, we might as well have someone with a proven track record running this country. But that is not how a nation should be runwe are not a business entity. Not per se. So, it must never be all business. As long as you are the government, you must never overlook your social obligations towards the people of this country, it is For The People. And that is priority # ONE, never never lose sight of that. All those talk about how the cutting of the subsidies allows for the narrowing of divergence between local and international oil prices, how it allows for the stronger government budgetary positions and how it allows for the efficient use of fuel I have only one productive advice: save-your-breath!. I don't see much social considerations in those reasoning, more than that I don't see me in that picture. I just couldn't connect, sorry.

But I have got to hand it to you, it must have been really hard to come up with such excuses, oopps! reasons, that nobody gives a damn about, I mean you actually managed to put this out of their critical and mental reach. Maybe now I need an aspirin, anyone..?

Do or do not, there is no trying...

The myth of romance # 1 : Once you've met the perfect partner, everything will be amazing. If things get difficult they must be wrong for you. there such a thing..? perfect partner..?

Wrong frame of mind....

I don't know for how long but after days of heavy bleeding, mom got so weak and delirious, at times hallucinating. I just don't know how to deal with this, I feel so helpless. The doctor has put in 7 pints of blood into her body and she looks even more confused. I'm living thru fear now ….of losing. I wish I could get on with my life, but I can't, not until she gets better.

The end of chivalry...?

Going by definitions, I am never a gentleman, not because I'm not polite, gracious or courteous but because I have a big problem with loyalty. At least that's what they say about me. They say I'm always fickle..? As in indecisive, unpredictable, fussy..? I dont know...

But what is loyalty anyway..? Where do you draw the lines..? Some say loyalty is all (all..??) about devotion, faithfulness and commitment but these are all big words, with no clear lines as to where it starts and ends. And we define these words within our very own scope, based on our experience, background and our model of thought. But trust me, and Einstein would have vouched for me, when I say all of us have different experience, background and paradigm.

So what is loyalty again..? Am I being disloyal if I go for a movie with a lady friend, err..ok..maybe not a movie, say for a window shopping, just the two of us..? Or for that matter, a dinner at mamak's? (btw..orang kat sebelah rumah tengah gaduh, pasal dia nampak husband dia borak ngan Cik Leha masa kat pasar tadi..) But really, is there a specific place where one is more ok than the other..? I know about the one-thing-leads-to-another but I also think that is a statement in disguise, to cover up our own fear and insecurity.

Truth is, it boils down to how we see relationship between opposite sex (and it is actually a reflection of how we see our own relationship with the opposite sex), a place where double standard is very much practiced, patience tested and intelligence insulted. Me? I won't be contesting if people say I have difficulty with loyalty. I have my own definition - where it starts and where it ends.

Let me think again....

I've got 10 of the best people in myspace list and I think they have some ideas of who I am or what I am…at least a little, a nano nano little perhaps.

But what will happen if I am not who they think I am? Will I be judged differently.? Treated differently?

Truth is, I've been chewing over this for quite sometimes now. Something drifted in and it triggered a lot of bells in my brain. Life, as I always believe, is as much about evil as it is about good, and I feel it's about time I do things differently - like try to live my life thru the bad and evil side of me? It's a human bad, not animal bad – yep, for a change. Not for the sake of change but for a change. I'm tired of being nice, nice men don't get anywhere, they have too much heart, they are too balanced or too sane. They think too much, and they are not that impulsive. I'm not too sure if I have that much heart but I know I have been putting a lot of brakes on my evil side for far too long. And dang! I'm pretty sure these claws are made for something more other than just scratching.

But at the same time, it still matters as to how people will see me. So how to be bad and evil?!

“It’s not the color of the cat that matters, but whether it catches mice”.

22 people got arrested.

Tell me, who is at fault if the people fail to understand where the 4.4billion 'savings' will go to.? Correct answer: The People – at least that was what implied by the Government with the recent arrest of 22 people during one of the gatherings at KLCC. Wait!! You get arrested for failing to understand or for the gatherings…? I don't know and I think those 22 people don't know either…

Apparently. somebody up there must have found the policy of 'either you are with me or you are with them' very adapting. Nvm if it is a rotten stance. Don't they have any conviction at all?. I'm sure they know that the weekly protest to call for the reversal of the hike in fuel prices is actually a call for more transparency on how every single sen will be used. But hey! who cares about transparency, right?

A very long time ago, someone once said : Half the truth is often a whole lie. And I think the 22, along with the rest, were out looking for the truth in this whole shady-rats-smelling-deals. And they got arrested.

That 'work with me not for me' mumbo jumbo? Forget them. Those are just political slogan, they are never meant to be anything more than just slogan.

Now you know why my loyalty is only to Man U. They are real and they are there, slogging it in for me!!!, right in front of my eyes, week in and week out, no lies no pretentious - something the politicians of this country can never do, not even in a billion years.

Scenic bridge...why start?

It was long overdue, but it was good, nonetheless.

I dont have much to say on this one except that normally, when we are out onto something, or anything at all (esp. when it involves a nation), we start with an end in mind. I wonder what was the govt. end when they started working on the scenic bridge. I didnt get it then and I still dont get it now.

I read in the papers today, on the reasons why? - all those issues are Jurassic in nature, something we already knew and anticipated even before kick off. So why start in the first place..? Why go thru all the hoohahs, why waste time and money. If you are talking about the sentiment of the people, the people already made it loud and clear on day 1, why listen now? But most of all, why do all for nothing..?? Are decisions made based on the order of the day..? Well FYI, I'm not getting any hard-on from this kind of decision, that just doesn't do it for me. This is Malaysia we are talking about and last checked, it is still my country. I dont need this kind of joy ride.

Does it matter..?

A good friend sent me a msg about one of the blog I posted, she said when I write about something serious, nobody comments. Hmm..true, but do I really care whether or not my readers comment (ehem! my readers? ). I dont know, but I do get very excited whenever I see friends responding to what I wrote, regardless of whether it is about something serious or not?. And if they dont.? Thats ok too.

Personally, I give a lot of shit to what I write in here, afterall it is about my thought, my feelings and my points, and I get to express them loud and clear here - with sincerity, as I see them. That part alone already makes me very happy, with or without comments.

The Bridge and the Princess

The story of Puteri Gunung Ledang is back, this time it's real and it is happening on our clock. Coincidently, another bridge is in the picture but of course the issue is slightly different now.

But do we really need a new bridge to replace the causeway - when the 2nd link is still underutilized? And if we do, why not expand on the existing causeway? We can turn it into a 20 or even a 30 lanes causeway. Why is Singapore being so adamant in not wanting to give in and Malaysia is ever so willing to go the extra miles and miles and miles for 10 long yrs, even when they see no solutions from the very beginning? There must be a reason other than those we see in the prints.

The truth is, the bridge was never the issue, it is all business. Just take a look at the scenic bridge proposed by the Malaysian government. Its beautiful. It would make a great landmark and a new tourist destinations for both countries. At least that was what we were trying to blow into their eyes. Now you look again.., the bridge is elevated. What does that means..? Passing ships and Tanjung Pelepas. Do you think Singapore would ever agree to this? Not in a zillion years! What were we thinking when we made that proposal? But being a good neighbor and all, they know it is not proper to turn us down outright hence the ridiculous demand on sand and the use of our airspace, just like the one made by Puteri Gunung Ledang. They knew Malaysia would never agree to this. But we, we went on and on and on, like what Sultan Malacca did. So when Hamid Albar said we allowed this thing to drag on for so long with the hope that Singapore would eventually agree, I go huh??. Well, what can you say, some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. And thats why I dont understand why we started on this venture in the first place, unless of course we have something up in our sleeves. I believe Mahathir had something, he walks in the rain, or else Goh wouldnt have agreed (with heaviest heart, Im sure) to let Malaysia build the bridge on our side of the causeway. But how the hell did he do that..?.

Now that both Mahathir and Goh are no longer the premier, we somehow lost that bargaining edge. The very reason why Mahathir is so furious and Pak Lah is so evasive (try to ignore remarks made by the other ministers they are just singing). So dont go blaming Dr.M, he was doing great individually. He always believes in what he was doing. The current group of people? Well, u know - they debate and they argue about many things only to decide in the end that things cannot be done. I mean, without creativity, what else can you do, given the situations?

I have to go now, but you remember this, there are 2 rules to success in life. No.1: Dont tell people everything you know.

How can you mend a broken heart.


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