Friday, December 18, 2009

Let me think again....

I've got 10 of the best people in myspace list and I think they have some ideas of who I am or what I am…at least a little, a nano nano little perhaps.

But what will happen if I am not who they think I am? Will I be judged differently.? Treated differently?

Truth is, I've been chewing over this for quite sometimes now. Something drifted in and it triggered a lot of bells in my brain. Life, as I always believe, is as much about evil as it is about good, and I feel it's about time I do things differently - like try to live my life thru the bad and evil side of me? It's a human bad, not animal bad – yep, for a change. Not for the sake of change but for a change. I'm tired of being nice, nice men don't get anywhere, they have too much heart, they are too balanced or too sane. They think too much, and they are not that impulsive. I'm not too sure if I have that much heart but I know I have been putting a lot of brakes on my evil side for far too long. And dang! I'm pretty sure these claws are made for something more other than just scratching.

But at the same time, it still matters as to how people will see me. So how to be bad and evil?!

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