Friday, December 18, 2009

“It’s not the color of the cat that matters, but whether it catches mice”.

22 people got arrested.

Tell me, who is at fault if the people fail to understand where the 4.4billion 'savings' will go to.? Correct answer: The People – at least that was what implied by the Government with the recent arrest of 22 people during one of the gatherings at KLCC. Wait!! You get arrested for failing to understand or for the gatherings…? I don't know and I think those 22 people don't know either…

Apparently. somebody up there must have found the policy of 'either you are with me or you are with them' very adapting. Nvm if it is a rotten stance. Don't they have any conviction at all?. I'm sure they know that the weekly protest to call for the reversal of the hike in fuel prices is actually a call for more transparency on how every single sen will be used. But hey! who cares about transparency, right?

A very long time ago, someone once said : Half the truth is often a whole lie. And I think the 22, along with the rest, were out looking for the truth in this whole shady-rats-smelling-deals. And they got arrested.

That 'work with me not for me' mumbo jumbo? Forget them. Those are just political slogan, they are never meant to be anything more than just slogan.

Now you know why my loyalty is only to Man U. They are real and they are there, slogging it in for me!!!, right in front of my eyes, week in and week out, no lies no pretentious - something the politicians of this country can never do, not even in a billion years.

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